Be Ready

1.Turn your assignments in on time.

2. Late assignments will only be accepted during the calendar week it was assigned, with 10pts per day taken off.

3. No name papers are graded for a classroom dollar fee.

(1qtr=$2, 2qtr=$5 3qtr=$7, 4qtr=$10)

Be Responsible

1. When the teacher is talking your voice is off.

2. Quiet in the hallway.

3. Gum, drinks, and snacks are allowed in classroom only if your using your manners.

4. You may go to the bathroom anytime the teacher is NOT teaching.

5. Books and supplies are to be as quiet as possible.

Be Respectful

1. Be respectful of other people. This means to be kind to everyone, no teasing, talking about, or laughing at them.

2. Keep your hands, feet, and other objects to yourself.

3. Respect others space. (desks, lockers, line)

4. If people are already in line, you must go to the back.

5. Use appropriate words and tones of voice. (profanity is not acceptable)

6. You have a right to your opinion; however you must express it appropriately.

7. Bullying is not permitted.


Main Entry: bully  

   : a person who teases, hurts, or threatens a person whom they see as smaller or weaker

Professional Development Opportunities for Educators

Travel and Professionally Grow:

No Cost Summer Travel for Teachers– what to know before you go

Pilmoth Plantation

Colonial Williamsburg

National Park Service

President Lincoln’s Cottage

Library of Congress


Civil War Trust

Massachusetts Historical Society


Edtech Boston, MA

Smithsonian Museum of American Art

Columbia University Reading and Writing Project

Fort Ticonderoga

Maritime Museum San Diego

Ford’s Theater

Freedom’s Foundation

Jefferson’s Monticello

Jimmy Carter Library

JFK Library

FDR Library

LBJ Library

Vaudeville: Will it Play in Peria


Vaudeville Pt.1 Origins

Al Fresco Park Article

Peoria’s Al Fresco Park (Peoria Library)

The Minstrel Show

Wild West:  A Lawsuit

Wild West America’s Library k-5

American Experience: Annie Oakley 6-12

What happened to Buffalo Bill and Annie Oakley? Docs that Teach

LOC Vaudeville Videos

Forgotten Stars of Vaudeville facebook

The Little Stars of Vaudeville

Looking at the Business of Theater

Amos and Andy Show

Amos and Andy Listening

Fibber McGee and Molly Show

Fibber McGee Listening

Grand Old Opry

Harry Houdini

Mysteries of the Museum Harry Houdini

John Phillip Sousa DSO

John Phillip Sousa PBS

Joseph Spah Vaudeville acrobat/comedian

Ko Ko the Clown

Laurel and Hardy

Betty Boop

Bob Hope

Bob Hope American Variety

Vaudeville Lingo


National Archives