Quincy University /Library Of Congress TPS Class

Why Teach with Primary Sources

History Tech by Glenn Wiebe

Engaging Students with Primary Sources

Teaching with Primary and Secondary Sources

Primary Sources Websites

Library Of  Congress

National Archives

Docs that Teach

Our Documents (important US documents)

Live Binders (personal site by M Johnson)

Smithsonian Institute

Bancroft Library

University of Chicago

L.Tom Perry Special Collections

Exploring US History

John Adams Library

Franklin D. Roosevelt Library Archives

John F. Kennedy Library

Richard Nixon Library

Watergate Evidence @ Richard Nixon Library

National Parks Service

Yale University

Historical Society of Missouri

Newseum Digital Classroom

Virginia Historical Society

Massachusetts Historical Society

Lesson Plans using Primary Sources

Social Studies Classroom

US Mint Lesson Plans

America’s History- Historical Thinking Skills Interactives

Kansas Historical Society Lesson Plans

Massachusetts Historical Society Lesson Plans

Loyola University Primary Source Set

Franklin D. Roosevelt Lesson Plans

Exploring US History

Harry S. Truman Library Lesson Plans

John F. Kennedy Library Lesson Plans

Jimmy Carter Library Lesson Plans

Foundations of History Lesson Plans

Civil War Lesson Plans

Tenement Housing Lesson Plans

Primary Source World

Scientific Revolution Primary Source Lesson Plans

Alabama History Lesson Plans (great for civil rights)

Colorado History (Fur Trappers)

Smithsonian’s Lesson Plans

US Constitution National Archives Lesson Plans (awesome interactives)

New York City Library Lesson Plans

EDSITEment Lesson Plans

Historical Eras Lesson Plans

History Detectives

Women’s Suffrage

Boston Massacre Eyewitness Account

Jamestown Settlement