Earth Science


Glossary of terms-Enchanted Learning

World Landforms

Quizzes on landforms

part_3_-_rocks_and_mineralsRocks & Minerals

Rock Cycle

Interactive Rock Cycle #1

Rock Cycle help for in class worksheet

How rocks are formed

Ride the Rock Cycle Classroom Station Activity

On-line Games

Mineral Identification Quiz

Rocks, Minerals & Soils Game

At-Home Activity

tectonic-platesPlate Tectonics

Intro to Tectonic Theory with animations
On-line Games:

Pangaea Game

Plate Tectonics Jeopardy

Plate Tectonics Identification Game

Concentration Game


USGS website

FEMA website

Forces of Nature use this site to fill out worksheet


Definitions and Explanations:

Wild Weather

Weather Adventure

On-line Games:

Create your own Hurricane

Aim your Hurricane


Clouds/ Dan’s Wild Weather


Brain Pop Clouds

Precipitation Dan’s Wild Weather

Types of Precipitation

Cloud ID page

Cloud ID pictures

Cloud info page

On-line Games

Cloud Types

Cloud Games

CB007022Emergency Preparedness

(A big thank-you goes out to Natalie from Delware for these ideas! Great work!)

Taking care in your home

How prepared are you?

Physical Science

Periodic Tables

Dynamic Periodic Table

Photographic Periodic Table 

Periodic Table of Videos

how-solar-energy-works-solar-sun-flaresEnergy & Forces of Motion

Definitions & Explanations


Motion Basics On-line Quiz Attached

Brain Pop: Acceleration Force


Roller Coasters

How do roller coasters work?

Roller Coaster Stimulation

Build your own roller coaster

Discovery: Build your own roller coaster

images Simple Machines

Definitions and Explanations:

Pieces of Science


Inventor’s ToolBox


On-line Games:



Museum Of Science & Industry

PBS Goldburger (a Rube Goldburg design)

Inclined Plane:

Can you stop it?

The Human Body

Skeletal System: Definitions and Explanations:

Skeletal System (good for labeling and review)

Hillendale Health (diagram and on-line quiz)

Skeletal System (diagrams)

Get Body Smart (great diagrams)

Your Bones

Skeletal System

Skeletal System Videos: (These videos could take awhile to open..I’m still learning the best conversion methods)


Mystery of the Skeleton

Skeletal System On-line Games:

Purpose Games (great identifying review)

eSkeltion Project (compare real bones side by side)

The Joints:

Bones, Muscles and Joints

Joints On-line Activities:

Knee Surgery

The Heart:

The Anatomy of the heart with definitions