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Sea of Darkness

North Wind (Pictorial History)

Mystery Monsters of the Deep Dark Sea

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Viking Ship

Caravels , site2



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Enchanted Learning’s Explorers

The Elizabeth Era/The Age of Exploration

Explorers of the Millennium

Mariner’s Museum

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Kids Konnect ; Explorers

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What is a Limey?

British News Story on Scurvy


Early Explorers

Men listed by countries for which they sailed


Eric the Red:Mariner’s

Leif Ericksson: Great Norwegian, Milllennium, Mariner’s


Prince Henry the Navigator: Mr.Dowling, Encyclopedia.com , Enchanted Learning, Thinkquest, Mariner’s

Vasco da Gama: Web Project, Enchanted Learning, Elizabethan Era, Milllennium, Mariner’s, All About

Pedro Alvares Cabral: Elizabethan Era, Enchantd Learning, Mariner’s


Christopher Columbus:  Elizabethan Era, Enchanted Learning, Milllennium, Mariner’s, All About

Amerigo Vespucci: Elizabethan Era, Milllennium, Mariner’s

Vasco de Balboa: Elizabethan Era, Enchanted Learning. All About, Mariner’s

Ferdinand Magellan: Elizabethan Era, Enchanted Learning, Milllennium, Mariner’s, All About

Bartholomeu Dias: Elizabethan Era, Mariner’s

Juan Ponce de Leon: Thnikquest, Elizabethan Era, Enchanted Learning All About

Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo:

Hernando de Cortez: Elizabethan Era, Milllennium, Mariner’s

Hernando de Soto: Elizabethan Era, Enchanted Learning,All About, Mariner’s

Francisco Vasquez de Coronado: Elizabethan Era, Enchanted Learning, Mariner’s

Francisco Pizarro: Mariner’s


Marco Polo: Silk Road (AMNH) , Middle Ages, Milllennium

Giovanni Da Verrazzano: Elizabethan Era, Mariner’s

Amerigo Vespucci: Elizabethan Era, Milllennium, All About


Estavanico: Elizabethan Era, Enchanted Learning

Jacques Cartier: Elizabethan Era, Mariner’s, All About

Samuel de Champlain: Elizabethan Era, Milllennium, Mariner’s, All About

Rene Sieur de LaSalle:Milllennium, Mariner’s

Jacques Marquette: Elizabethan Era,


John Cabot: Elizabethan Era, Enchanted Learning, Milllennium, Mariner’s, All About

Sebastion Cabot: Elizabethan Era, Enchanted Learning, Mariner’s

Sir Francis Drake: Elizabethan Era, Milllennium, Mariner’s

Sir Walter Raleigh: Elizabethan Era, Mariner’s

Sir Humphrey Gilbert: Elizabethan Era

James Cook: Elizabethan Era, Milllennium, Mariner’s, Cook Society


Henry Hudson: Elizabethan Era, Milllennium, Mariner’s,All About , Chadwick


The 13 Original Colonies

Interactive Maps:

Social Studies for Kids

Mr. Nussbaum

Top 100 city climates


Roanoke: Kid Info, Lost Colony, 2012 New Clue, Drought Idea, Historical Info

Jamestown: Adventure Game, Virtual Tour , On the Trail GameJamestown 1607

Plymouth:  Read About Plantation, Scholastic, Mayflower,


13 Original Colonies:  Founding the Colonies, , Colonial Times,  Discovery

New England Colonies: kid info, Columbia, US history, New England

Mid-Atlantic Colonies: History.org, Quiz game, Mid-Atlantic, Middle Colonies Lesson plans

Southern Colonies: Southern, Kid info

Topics of Interest:

Original Money of the Coloniessite 1, site 2, site 3, site4

Housing site 1, site 2

Design a historic home

Clothing site1,

Colonial Towns: Williamsburg

Flags: site1

Children: site1

Famous People of the Colonies: site1

Daily Life: site1, site 2, site 3, site 4, site 3

Jobs: roots, lms, whps

Food: site1

Pastimes: site 1 site2, site 3

Religions: site1, site 2

Colonial Life: Colonial Times and People (thank you to Mrs.Owen’s class from Pine Central for sending this link in!)